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Welsh Revival 1904

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What I have seen, and what I hope to see.


William T. Stead

Published at
3, Whitefriars Street,
Fleet Street,

Henry Roberts - Evan Roberts' Father

Henry Roberts - Evan's Father

About this booklet

W. T. Stead (1849-1912) was a well-known journalist and editor who supported several major social causes, including education for all, women’s right’s, the curse of child prostitution, the repeal of oppressive government legislation together with organisations like the Salvation Army.

It was as a journalist, and then editor, of the Pall Mall Gazette that he exerted most influence and challenged the social conscience of the nation. His sentiments usually reflected his non-conformist background and it is no surprise that he was a great supporter of the Welsh Revival, in his pamphlets and through the Gazette. He unfortunately died when travelling on the Titanic in 1912.

This particular pamphlet introduces his thoughts on the Welsh Revival which he personally observed, and includes thoughts on the Torrey and Alexander mission to Liverpool in November 1904. He also includes a chapter on Gypsy Smith, the evangelist.
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