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Welsh Revival 1904

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Mrs John Roberts


About this book

Church leaders in Khasia, India, had long been concerned about nominalism in the churches and missions and many had given themselves to prayer for a fresh outpouring of the Spirit in the years that preceded the revival of 1905. On the first day of 1904 the words ‘This will be a year of the right hand of the Most High’ came into the mind of Ellen Hughes.

Keturah Williams
Many others witnessed such sentiments throughout the year and in December 1904, when news of the Welsh Revival began to break prayer meetings reached a ‘red-hot stage.’

It was March 1905 when the tidal wave crashed on the shores of India. Open prayer, crying aloud for mercy, fainting through the loss of bodily strength, weeping with conviction mixed with tears of joy – all these revival phenomena began to occur in the assemblies. The move of God rapidly spread and remained in the country well into 1906. This book, by Mrs, John Roberts, (her name was Sydney) provides key source material on this remarkable work of God.

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