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Welsh Revival 1904


Jessie Penn-Lewis

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By Dr. J. Cynddylan Jones.

Chapter I
The First Pentecost in Jerusalem and Joel’s prophecy—The Prayer-movement—The Prayer Circles in 1902—The renewed preaching of the Cross.

Chapter II

The Principality of Wales—The prophet of the Revival—His last message to Wales in 1903—The first Llandrindod Convention in August, 1903.

Chapter III

The Life-stream at New Quay in February, 1904— The Second Convention at Llandrindod, August, 1904—A Midnight Prayer-meeting—The Rivers Rising in the Autumn.

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Chapter IV
New Quay in September, 1904—The Blaenanerch Convention—The Spirit-baptism of Evan Roberts— Loughor in November, 1904—The Tidal Wave and its Results.

Chapter V
The Overflowing Streams through Divers Channels— How the Holy Spirit wrought in many centres— The general effect on the Churches.

Chapter VI
The life-streams in North Wales—Some traces at Ponkey in June, 1904— The Tidal Wave at Rhos, November, 1904—The Healing of the Breach at Bethesda.

Chapter VII
The Message to the Church—Thc Object Lesson in Wales—The Place of Calvary in the Awakening.

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