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Welsh Revival 1904


David Matthews

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Requests have been made, at various times, for an authoritative description of the marvelous effusion of the Holy Spirit which occurred in Wales during the years 1904-05, and shook the whole nation from center to circumference. It transformed, for the time being, the very character of a people who, by nature, are religious. It occurred with suddenness.

This lecture has been given on three continents, and always demand has been made for a comprehensive, reliable statement by someone fully conversant with all the facts, from actual observation, and experience. Realizing the absolute necessity of placing on record an unvarnished report of what was seen, I have attempted to meet the requests made for such a report. There are people at this present juncture in world and church history desiring a similar manifestation that would result in people recapturing the vanished vision of God, and thus returning to the paths of rectitude described in God’s Word. Their reader-interest is counted upon.

No literary excellence is claimed for this simple narrative. For many years the writer resisted the inward urge to write a book on this subject, always excusing himself on the ground of inadequate training, trusting that another hand, better equipped, would perform this service for the Church. Gradually, but irresistibly, the impression
grew that, having witnessed scenes of such unearthly majesty, I was responsible for the preservation and propagation of these verities, not for the sake of gaining transitory applause or establishing a human reputation, but for the enlightenment and spiritual profit of generations who were, at that time, unborn, but who now, in turn, are clamoring aloud for another awakening among the people of God.

Profound regret is hereby expressed that the name of the Rev. D. S. Jones, who did so much to maintain the spirit of revival in our beloved land, during the years when the revivalist’s enforced inactivity deprived the movement of its acknowledged leader, has been inadvertently omitted. No one suffered more, nor served the revival better, than he. We desire to place on record, for the benefit of posterity, as a proof of his unwavering loyalty, that even the large church, to which he had ministered for many years, turned viciously against him. He had ventured, at the dictates of his Master, into “the highways and hedges,” seeking “the poor, and the maimed, and the halt, and the blind,” bringing them into the Laodicean church where their presence was obnoxious to the self-satisfied.

Heartfelt thanks go to the Rev. John Porter for kindly scrutinizing the original manuscript and for making helpful observations. Also to Mrs Hardwick for her “labor of love” in assisting with the final typing of copy.

As this book goes forth to perform its ministry, the words of the bride, spoken to the bridegroom in the Song of Solomon, instinctively suggest themselves as appropriate and fitting: “Come, my beloved, let us go forth into the field; let us lodge in the villages.”

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