The Welsh Revival Welsh Revival The Welsh Revival 1904
Welsh Revival 1904


R. B. Jones

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Author's Preface

Chapter 1 - The name
“The Welsh Revival”—Worse than misleading—An “orgy of emotion”—A “barrage of ice”—The smokeless Flame—Practical emotion—“The Evan Roberts Revival”

Chapter 2 - Origins
Background of prayer—Unpublished facts—1896—Carmarthen—The secrets of God—A favoured church—First-fruits—The spreading light—Reinforcements—The first Llandrindod Convention—A new ministry—Vision of holiness—Revival missions—The fire burning—A pre-Revival Revival—An unmistakable awakening—West Wales Conventions—More contributory streams

Chapter 3 - November, 1904
The double outburst—Rent heavens—The sense of the Lord’s presence—An outstanding service

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Chapter 4 - The revival meetings
Praise and prayer—“Broken earthenware”—“Brother Tom”—“Shall not see death”—Revival of song—Prayers’ Immediate answers—Human leaders dispensable—Revival, and missions—Preachers “closured”—The “four points”—The purifying Word—To the churches first

Chapter 5 - Immediate practical results
The spiritual supreme—Strike effects healed—Disunity vanishes—Fallen denominational barriers—Humaneness—Self-denial and debts—Restitution—The crippled “Trade”—Worldly pleasures—Revolutionized habits—Changed parents—“Tramps”—A run on Bibles—The Colleges— Testimony of the press—The Revival and sound doctrine—Melted mountains

Chapter 6 - Lasting fruit
Do revivals last?—Nothing but a flash—A time of opportunity—A new generation—Despair of the pen—The inviolable wheat—Land of Conventions— “Yr Efengylydd” — “The Faith Missions of Wales”—Bible Training Institutes—Missionaries—The Advent—A great illumination—Its dispensational significance—Wales to-day—A fulfilled prediction

Chapter 7- Keswick 1905
“Diolch iddo” —A review of the Keswick of 1905—Some further words about the recent Convention.

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