The Welsh Revival Welsh Revival The Welsh Revival 1904
Welsh Revival 1904



Roberts, Evan - Poems and articles from Overcomer, 1913


Hughes, Gwilym - Evan Roberts, Revivalist: Story of the Liverpool Mission 1905
Phillips, D.M. - Evan Roberts, The Great Welsh Revivalist and His Work
Rees, Rev T. Mardy - Seth and Frank Joshua. The Renowned Evangelists
Rees, J. Tudor - Evan Roberts, His Life and Work


Awstin - The Religious Revival in Wales - Issue 1
Awstin - The Religious Revival in Wales - Issue 2
Awstin - The Religious Revival in Wales - Issue 3
Awstin - The Religious Revival in Wales - Issue 4
Awstin - The Religious Revival in Wales - Issue 5
Awstin - The Religious Revival in Wales - Issue 6
Ellis, Robert - Living Echoes of the Welsh Revival
Goodrich, Arthur - The Story of the Welsh Revival
Jones, R. B. - Rent Heavens
Lewis, H. Elvet - Christ among the Miners
Matthews, David - I Saw The Welsh Revival
Morgan, Rev J. Vyrnwy - The Welsh Religious Revival, 1904-5
Penn-Lewis, Mrs. Jessie - The Awakening in Wales and Some of the Hidden Springs
Pugh, E. Cynolwyn - The Welsh Revival of 1904 –1905
Roberts, Mrs John - The Revival in the Khasia Hills
Shaw, Rev S. B. - The Great Revival in Wales
Stead, W. T. - The Revival in the West
Stead, W. T. - The Coming Revival


Out and Out Magazine
Bright Words, Jan 16th 1905
The British Monthly, Feb 1905
The Quarterly Mail, No. 72, April 1905
The Sunday Strand and Home Magazine. Vol. XII, July – Sept 1905
Newness of Life, May 1906
The Friend, August 1906
The Welsh Evangelist, January, 1907
Theology Today, Vol XII, No 2, July, 1955


Daily Chronicle, Dec 13th 1904
Unknown newspaper 1909 – The Welsh Revival: Are its affects vanishing?
Western Mail - Nov 17th 1913
Western Mail and South Wales News - March 10th 1955
Western Mail - Dec 9th 1974


Evan Robert's Visit to Bala College - An Unknown Student
Fryer, A. T. - The Psychological Aspects of the Welsh Revival
Maynard, Constance L.
- Between College Terms
Penn-Lewis, Jessie - War on the Saints chapter XII
Younghusband, Sir Francis - Modern Mystics

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