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The Renowned Evangelists.

The Story Of Their Wonderful Life Work

Rev. T. Mardy Rees

About this book

These two mighty evangelists played a great part in the spiritual formation of Evan Roberts, as well as in the preparation of the Principality of Wales before the outbreak of Revival in November, 1904. They were itinerant evangelists who held effective missions throughout Wales and beyond her borders, before and after the great Revival. Seth Joshua is best know for his direct influence on Evan Roberts at Newcastle-Emlyn in September, 1904. He spoke at a meeting which Evan Roberts attended.

Seth Joshua

Seth Joshua
The young Evan heard the evangelist pray “Lord, bend us”. The Holy Spirit said to Evan, “That’s what you need”. At the following meeting Evan experienced a powerful filling with the Holy Spirit. “I felt ablaze with the desire to go through the length and breadth of Wales to tell of the Saviour”. Many see this as the beginning of the Revival.
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