The Welsh Revival Welsh Revival The Welsh Revival 1904
Welsh Revival 1904


Gwilym Hughes

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Introduction. By Sir Edward Russell
Sketch I. Princes Road Inaugural Meeting
Sketch II. At Anfield. Features of the Mission
Sketch III. Birkenhead. Sensational Service
Sketch IV. Shaw Street. Five Envious Persons
Sketch V. Toxteth Tabernacle. Church Members Denounced
Sketch VI. Seacombe. “Where is the Mocker? ”
Sketch VII. Crescent Church, Everton. Sweetness and Joy
Sketch VIII. Bootle. Remarkable Gathering. Liverpool Ministers’ Estimate

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Sketch IX. Lord Mayor’s Tribute. Revivalist’s Narrow Escape
Sketch X. Sun Hall. Missioner and the Hypnotist. Grumbling Minister Denounced
Sketch XI. Princes Road. 213 Converts
Sketch XII. Westminster Road, Kirkdale. A Joyless Meeting
Sketch XIII. Mynydd Zion. Free Church of the Welsh. “Not on the Rock”
Sketch XIV. Bootle. A Novel Test
Sketch XV. Fitzclarence Street. Persistent Interrupter
Sketch XVI. Chatham Street. Ministers Attack Missioner. Rev. Daniel Hughes’s Letter
Sketch XVII. Princes Road. Missioner’s Health. Free Church of the Welsh’s Reply
Sketch XVIII. Birkenhead. Final Meeting. Revivalist’s Departure

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