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24th August, 1906

Evan Roberts at Llandrindod Wells

Author Unknown.

About This Article

We know nothing of this magazine at the moment – no doubt someone will email us with some helpful information! We would appreciate it! There are several references to ‘Quakers’ and ‘Friends’ in this article, which obviously gives us a clue regarding its source.
Dan Roberts - Evan Roberts' brother
Mr. Dan Roberts
This fascinating article records Evan Roberts’ visit to the 1906 Llandrindod Wells Convention, where crowds packed the 2,000 seat tent. The platform party included Mrs. Penn-Lewis, Seth Joshua and Principal Edwards. One sentence sums up the Quaker view of Evan Roberts: ‘Evan Roberts combines the qualifications of a true Quaker minister with a true Quaker elder.’ We’d all claim him as our own!
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